pain in right side under rib cage

Causes of Pain under Right Rib Cage

Contrary to popular belief, injuries are not the only cause of pain in right side under rib cage. Some people may experience this symptom due to some underlying medical disorder or disease.

We are constantly being flagged by pains and disorders at some point in our lives, and our body somehow becomes used to them. But there are certain pains that are just hard to ignore because of the disturbance they bring. The simple fact that the body has many different organs and each and every one of them has an important role in our entire system is proof enough that we might feel pain in some parts of our body if we are suffering with illnesses or disorders. Every organ should function properly for our body to perform its everyday duty. Failure of one organ to function well will mean that we will be either sick or in pain.

The rib cage is a vital part of our body that supports the abdomen; it is a vertical bony composition with 12 bones on each side.

Suffering from rib pain can occur either from the right or the left side. Pain under right rib cage is a common condition, but still, if it is disturbing enough for you not to function well, you should be treated by your doctor.

This condition is mostly caused some serious disorders that are just characterized by the pain you feel under the right side of the rib cage.

Causes of Pain under Right Rib Cage

Here is a list of some of the disorders or diseases that can cause pain in the right side under rib cage:

Inflammation of the Cartilage

Cartilage is located between the ribs and the breastbone, and its inflammation may cause disturbing pains that may last for short periods of time but can be recurring.

Injury or Fracture to the Ribs

The fact the ribs are bony structures can only mean that they are prone to injuries and fractures. A serious and severe injury because of an accident or a fracture which has directly hit the rib cage may lead to severe pain under the right rib cage. To properly diagnose this problem, X-rays should be done to determine whether the rib cage is damaged or not.

Liver Damage or Disorder

Any kind of liver problem, whether damage or infections, will cause pain in right side under rib cage. Sometimes, too much pain on the said rib part is really a sign of liver cancer.

Gall Bladder Diseases

Just like the liver, diseases due to gallbladder problems can also be the underlying reason why a person might feel excruciating pain under right rib case.

Treatment for Pain under Right Rib Cage

There is actually no specific treatment for this condition; the treatment should be focused on the disorder or the disease that is causing the pain. You might be prescribed a pain reliever so that you can function normally in your daily life.